Revären´s Silver Savanna




f. 2012-06-19

öga ua

utställd:  Excellent  med CK


SE10706/2010 BLM
Frenja Unbeatable Blue Charm
S46212/2002 BLM
NORD V-03 SE UCH SE V-04 SE V-05
Shellrick's Copy Right
S17863/92 BLM
Shellrick's Nightingale
S26561/97 TRF
Shellrick's Exciting Eliza
S64988/2007 TRF
Frenja Keen-Eyed Baby
S29530/2000 BLM
Sheltiebackens Idefix
S17861/2006 TRF
Frenja Flashy Diamond
S30499/2009 TRF
Revärens Oshin Odessa
S48316/2004 BLM
Shellrick's Knock Out
S56407/2001 TRF
Lundecock's At Dot Com
S50169/2002 BLM
Shellrick's Exotic Surprice
S69488/2004 TRF
Ellisimas Black Elin
S39330/99 TRF
Eastflash King Of The Road
S45614/98 BLM
Revärens Butobelladonna

9 v

6,5 v

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