Kennelträff  den 14 juni 2008

Närvarande kennlar:

Bewely´s    Chickabee´s   Revären´s   Shelfield´s   Sunny-Hill´s   Wellborn´s

Fotograf:    Therese Ström     ( )

Vädret växlade mellan regn och uppehåll


Bewely´s ( sobelgänget närmast) Revären´s ( trf & blm)



                                                            Bewely´s                                                                       Revären´s                                                                       


                                 Mari                                                         Matte med Yuki  och Tezzla                                                 Tittut                                               


Matte och Raffe


Chester (Chickabee´s)  


      Shelfield                                                                Scilla   (Shelfield)


 Scilla  (Shelfield)                                                                  Piia (Sunny-Hill´s) m sobelvalp



 Smulan (Revären´s)                     Nemo ( Revären´s)                              Nellis (Chickabee´s)                                   


Douglas  (äg. Sunny-Hill´s)


                                                                 Yuki (Bewely´s)                                           Tezzlan  (Wellborn´s)                                                                          


                   Mezzi       (Wellborn´s)                                                  Happy (Wellborn´s)      



                       Diva (äg. Wellborn´s)                                                                                        Agnes   (äg ? )   


 Simon (Chickabee´s)                                    Nellis  (Chickabee´s)



                                    Nemo (Revären´s)                                                                            Annie (revären´s)                                                  



Efter en lång dag var vi alla nöjda och trötta




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